42crmo material and performance

  • 2023-07-28

42crmo belongs to alloy structural steel in terms of material classification, which has good mechanical properties and machinability. It is widely used, mainly including plate and round bar materials, whose comprehensive properties are better than 40cr. 42crmo steel belongs to ultra-high strength steel, which has high strength and toughness, good hardenability, no obvious temper brittleness, high Fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance after quenching and tempering, and good low-temperature impact toughness!

42crmo steel can be used to manufacture important parts with higher strength requirements and larger cross-sectional dimensions than 35crmo steel, such as shafts, gears, connecting rods, transmission gears, turbocharger gears, engine cylinders, springs, spring clamps, 1200-2000MM petroleum drill pipe joints, fishing tools, and to replace quenched and tempered steel with higher nickel content.

42crmo Chemical composition: Mass fraction (%) C: (0.38~0.45) Si: (0.17~0.37) Mn: (0.50~0.80) Cr: (0.90~1.20) Mo: (0.15~0.25) P, S~≤ (0.035) Cu, Ni: ≤ 0.30

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