Our Research and Application of Large Size Metal Injection Molding Parts

  • 2022-11-16

Large Size Metal Injection Molding Parts

Metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology with the advantages of prominent features in producing small, complex shape parts. In recent years has been widely used in all walks of life. But for the relatively large size, thick wall of metal products, because the problem of forming and degreasing, has not been widely used at present. However, some products, we can improve product mechanical properties through enhancing sintering technology, which breakthrough the limitation of MIM process of size range, further improve the market competitiveness of MIM products.

Metal injection molding parts have good density, high surface finish and the advantages of good mechanical properties, the scope of application is gradually expanding, its products gradually develop from the micro to the large size.

The metal injection molding parts use metal powder requests the average particle size less than 20 μm, the thickness of the parts mostly under 10 mm, while the size of complex shape parts on the market at present is mostly between 20 mm to 30 mm. If breakthrough the limitation of the size of the single part, will lead to further increase of the market share of metal injection molding parts.

It is reported that Japan, India, the United States, Britain and other countries have the study of the technology for large size MIM parts, and obtained pretty satisfied results. Among them, the United States in the 1990's had solved the degreasing problem of metal injection molding parts with single weight on 2kg of the wall thickness of large size.


In recent years, Harber research of large size MIM parts in domestic has been fiery, through the study, 2 kg of metal parts has overcome the technical issues, fulfilled the mass production, but the disadvantage is that output is low. It is understood that the current domestic biggest metal injection parts has reached the 4kg, but due to the slow of degreasing, the production cost is high, this kind of products only for aviation and other special areas.

The success of Our large size MIM products researching, makes the market share of metal injection molding constantly rising. Although now the application scope of large size over 2kg of MIM products is small, we believe that as increasing demand big size of MIM products and the further study of MIM, in the future of technology matures, larger application range will gradually expand the metal injection molding parts.

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