Harber Industries group is a leading provider of customized manufacturing solutions serving organizations in a variety of industries with technically sophisticated manufacturing and quality requirements.

Our sophisticated metal manufacturing solutions can be utilized in many industries including semiconductor capital equipment, medical device, aerospace and defense, and industrial automation.  With over 15 years of special equipment design and manufacturing experience, there is hardly an industry that we have not supported and manufactured complex metal product builds for.

Quality Powdered Metal Manufacturing

China Leader in the Manufacture of Complex&Small Powder Metal Products Since 2015

As a recognized world leader in the manufacture of custom-engineered powder metal products for small applications, including small gears and miniature components for planetary drives, assemblies and sub-assemblies for medical devices and a number of industrial, commercial and consumer products, Harber Industrial maintains strict quality assurance practices.

Every effort is made to produce high-quality results that meet design specifications with dimensional and repetitive accuracy:

In addition to supplying a wide range of custom complex metal parts, we offer the following services:

  • Highly Skilled Team of Professionals

  • Aid in Design for Manufacturability

  • Competency with Complicated & Intricate Geometries

  • Precision Measuring

  • Use Only High Quality Powders & Materials

  • High Tech, State-of-the-Art Facilities & Equipment

  • Environmentally Controlled Facilities for Accurate Measurement

  • Computer Supported S.P.C.

  • Fully Calibrated Process Monitoring

  • Red Line Gear Checking Double Flank Machine

  • Hardness Testing

  • Very Tight Tolerances Held

  • Density Checking

  • 90% of Tooling Maintenance In-house for Quicker Turn Around

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Fast Response Times

  • CAD Facilities

  • Courtesy, Professionalism and Communication

Harber has achieved the distinction as an award winning, world-class manufacturer of some of the smallest and most intricate powder metal parts in the industry. You can work with a company whose controlled, expedient and consistent process offers you the highest degree of quality assurance available, providing you with the part you need on time every time and at a significant cost savings. 

Cost Reduction

If you’ve got a design for a new product, or you want to cut costs on an existing product, bring your plans to us and we’ll find a way to save you money. Our engineers can help you select the most efficient motor for your design and pinpoint areas where outsourcing low-cost components can provide the greatest savings.


With Harber as your manufacturing consultant, you’ll have the skills of our entire team at your disposal. Our engineers are experts in international manufacturing and can review your project for completeness, identify potential issues and develop a detailed quality control plan. We’ll even help you design your custom part, custom motor, or choose the right off-the-shelf solutions for your project.

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